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Good News! Four Scientists with Novots Recognized as ITSM Experts

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 In the end of Nov. 2010, the activity of Identification of China IT Service & Management Experts Was kicked off by the China IT Service & Management Forum was formally started. Experts from the Judging Panel of Identification of ITSM Experts evaluated and elected the second group of ITSM experts in the way of on-site defense according to the Standards for Identification of China IT Service & Management Experts issued by China IT Service Management Forum (China itSMF)and following the principle of Fairness, Justice and openness. The result was announced on Feb. 26 that three “ITSM Senior Experts” and 13 “ITSM Experts” were elected among the 43 experts coming from all over the country, among whom one staff got the honor of “ITSM Senior Experts”and three got the honorary title of “ITSM Experts” with our company.


With rapid progress made in the information industry, IT service management has gradually become an important cornerstone in promoting integration between IT and business, facilitating transformation of enterprises’ service, increasing levels of IT service, guaranteeing quality of IT service and ensuring safety and high-efficiency of IT service. For many years, Novots Technologies has always focused on cultivating talents in management and service especially for high-level and highly skilled ones, strengthening building of a talented team, continuously improving, creating and enriching methods of cultivation of skilled talents, perfecting talents structure, constantly increasing abilities of learning, competing and innovation of all staff to help them become backbones of work, technical specialists and management experts. This measure of highly focusing on establishment of a team of technical staff taken by Novots Technologies realizes a win-win situation between the development of the company and its personnel.


In this activity of Identification of IT Service & Management Experts, 16 experts were identified, among whom four were from Novots Technologies occupying 25% of the total experts identified and having the largest proportion. It fully demonstrates statues and strength of Novots Technologies in the area of IT service & management and shows the remarkable results received by Novots Technologies in terms of cultivation of highly skilled talents. Novots Technologies hope that more and more its staff can constantly enhance and improve themselves in the future to make contributions to the company’s development and create a new channel for their career development.